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     "Ak chceš vedieť čo si boh myslí o peniazoch, pozri sa na ľudí,
ktorým ich dal. "

 About us

  • We enforce outstanding debts quickly, vigorously and without delays.

  • We will send the first reminder to your debtor to 24 hours from the completion of the contract and the assumption of the outstanding debt and then we will contact them personally. You are still the owner of the outstanding debt and we will inform you about the state of the outstanding debt from time to time. We discuss the possible solutions of the debt with the debtor; one of them is a schedule of due dates and the control of it. The success rate of the outstanding debt is varied; it depends on the particular debtors.

  • In cooperation with external entities, such as attorneys and executors, we are able to provide for complex services, including legal services.

  • Distraints – Your case will be submitted to the cooperating executor. But we will still be your partner for communication. In order your distraint is not “forgotten” among many others, we will control the speed and quality of the work of our executors.

  • The collecting agency is only the administrator of outstanding debts, it is not a law firm. If you get a reminder from our company, we offer you the service called “calling back”. Send us an SMS with your contact details and the assigned reference number (on your reminder) and then we will contact you.

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